Wrap to Save - Time

Wrap to Save - Time

2nd Sep 2021

Time is something we never have enough of. 

Having any project as a building site, or shutting your business for renovations is inconvenient and expensive. Architectural Wrap is an easy, quick solution done ‘in-situ’ causing minimal disruption to your project and your life. Expert installers can apply our product causing little mess allowing you to use the space again instantly.

Check out this project recently carried out in a Beauty Training Room using our materials:

The details of this project are what makes it so beautiful and exciting. The paneling on the mirror wall is easily achieved by wrapping boards mounted on walls, which would normally be extremely costly to achieve. Similarily it allowed versatility to the space by enabling light weight, fold away, wall mounted tables. This gave the room dual purpose for training. 

This project was completed in 2 days time vs replacement which would normally take up to 5 days. The salon owner was able to have work completed over the weekend and resume classes like normal on Monday in a beautiful and bright space. It’s a really easy, minimally disruptive solution to keep your business on trend and looking fresh!