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Wrap to Save

Renovation through architectural wrap addresses the three main issues people come up against while planning a project. Architectural wrap is a cost effective, environmentally conscious material that can be applied with minimal disruption to your interior.

Cost Effective
Environmentally Conscious
Minimal Disruption
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Wrap to Save... cost

The versatility of our product means you can accomplish the look of expensive, and rare materials at a fraction of the cost, without compromising on aesthetic! Achieve a beautiful, quality finish - without the price tag. Using our product can save you up to 80% versus traditional renovation methods.

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Wrap to Save... the environment!

We are all concerned with the impact we have on our environment, and here at Wrap Co we actively promote the alternative to replacement through architectural wrap renovation. We're proud to do our bit to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. By using our product you can breathe life into your interiors by wrapping your pre-existing, pre-loved, surfaces.

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Wrap to Save... time

Having any project as a building site, or shutting your business for renovations is inconvenient and expensive. Architectural wrap is an easy, quick solution done 'in-situ' causing minimal disruption to your project and your life. Expert installers can apply our product causing little mess allowing you to use the space again instantly.