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Wrap to Change

Change your understanding of renovation. The beauty of architectural wrap is its versatility and application potential. With this innovative alternative to replacement you can completely change almost any surface.

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What can be wrapped?

The possibililites are endless. Our architectural wrap products are of the highest quality: hardwearing, fire resistant and easy to clean. Suitability includes flat, curved and textured surfaces. Keep an eye out in our product descriptions for application advice.

Hard Wearing
Fire Safe
Easy Clean
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Where can be wrapped?

Produced to the highest standards our materials are widely approved of both residentially and commercially. If you are unsure your installer, or one of our Wrap Co. Heros, will always be on hand to offer you advice on our collection of tried, tested and trusted products.

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Why not see for yourself?

Discover the versatility of applications through some of our real life case studies here on our blog: